Parents and Friends Association

Research shows that parental involvement in the Parents & Friends (P&F) is not only personally rewarding but directly benefits your child or children while being of great assistance to the College.

The Concordia Lutheran College P&F Associate comprises families from all three campuses.

The P&F make a considerable contribution to the life of our College and all parents are automatically members of the P&F. The organisation is a very positive, active and valued part of our College.

This group works extremely hard raising funds to supply students with equipment to enhance their schooling.

The P&F Association has four main functions:

  • To foster cooperation between the parents of the students attending Concordia Lutheran College, other members of the community, teachers and students;
  • To advise the College of the wishes of parents in relation to relevant aspects of school activity and generally to promote additional awareness of parent/teacher communication;
  • To promote good fellowship and a spirit of cooperation between parents, friends, teachers and students for the wellbeing of the College; and
  • To provide or assist in the provision of financial or other resources or services for the benefit of the students at the College.

The P&F holds several functions each year for parents and students. All these activities allow parents to meet each other in a social atmosphere while at the same time, assisting the College in the development of excellent grounds, buildings, sports facilities and educational equipment and resources.

You are most welcome to join this dedicated and vitally important group.

Minutes of P&F Association meetings can be found in My CLC.

P&F Meetings

The P&F meetings for 2018 will be held on the following dates:

Hume Street Campus Sub-committee 

Month Date Venue
June Friday 1 June - 1.30pm Resource Centre
July Friday 20 July - 1.30pm Resource Centre
August Friday 24 August - 1.30pm Resource Centre
September N/A
October Friday 12 October - 1.30pm Resource Centre
November Friday 2 November - 1.30pm (AGM) Resource Centre

Warwick Street Campus Sub-committee

Month Date Venue
June Monday 4 June - 7pm Resource Centre
July Monday 23 July - CLC Volunteer Induction - 6pm Resource Centre
July Monday 23 July - 7pm Resource Centre
August Monday 27 August - 7pm Resource Centre
September N/A
October Monday 15 October - 7pm Resource Centre
November Monday 5 November - 7pm (AGM) Resource Centre

Stephen Street Campus Sub-committee

Month Date Venue
June Monday 4 June - 6.30pm 'Redlands' Boardroom
July Monday 23 July - 6.30pm Norfolk Room
August Monday 27 August - 6.30pm Norfolk Room
September N/A
October Monday 15 October - 6.30pm Norfolk Room
November Monday 5 November - 6.30pm (AGM) Norfolk Room