Concordia Hosts 90 Argentinian Students for Sports Day

Tuesday 25 Sep

Concordia Lutheran College has hosted a group of 90 high school students from Argentina for an action-packed day of sporting activities on Friday 7 September. Students from St Matthew’s College in Buenos Aires in Argentina played a series of different sports with Concordia students on Friday morning and finished the day with a fun-filled Colour Run at Concordia.

Concordia defeated St Matthew’s in the first of two girls’ hockey matches at the Toowoomba Hockey Centre. In the second match, the St Matthew’s hockey players were victorious over a combined team of Concordia and Harristown State High School players.

Concordia’s female volleyball team had a decisive victory over the St Matthew’s girls, 3-0. The Concordia boys also had a win over the guests, 2-1. The students from both schools then enjoyed playing mixed games.

The St Matthew’s Rugby players enjoyed a memorable cultural experience by participating in an AFL workshop with Concordia’s AFL players. The boys showed a natural affinity to the game and had a great time developing their kicking skills.

After the morning’s sporting matches, the Concordia and St Matthew’s students came together for a Colour Run, which saw the students enjoy an afternoon of fun and making new friends.

Concordia’s Head of College Mr Adrian said the College community had thoroughly enjoyed meeting the students and staff from St Matthew’s College.

“The cultural exchange between the St Matthew’s and Concordia students was wonderful,” Mr Wiles said.

“Our community learned a lot about the Argentine culture and their visit provided our students with a unique sporting and cultural opportunity,” he said.

“Our discussions with the staff members of St Matthew’s indicate this is just the start of a meaningful relationship between our two schools.”

The St Matthew’s students will also visit Sydney and New Zealand on their tour. Concordia Lutheran College is the only Queensland school they visited during the two week trip.