Concordia Seeing Double at 2017 Graduation

Thursday 19 Jul

When Concordia Lutheran College’s Class of 2017 graduates later this week, one eighth of the cohort will be celebrating the special milestone with their sibling. Eight of Concordia’s 64 Year 12 students comprise four sets of twins – all boys.

Three of the four sets of twins, Caleb and Joshua Back, Nathan and Ryan Cherry and Daniel and Jephthah Ikudede, are identical while Kai and Reagan Johnston are fraternal twins.

The Back and Cherry boys started at Concordia in 2012 when they entered Year 7. They were joined by the Johnston boys in Year 8 the following year and then the Ikudede boys in Year 10 in 2015.

The Cherrys and Johnstons already knew each other from having completed primary school together at Highfields State School.

The Cherry boys both agree that the highlight of their time at Concordia has been sport. For Ryan, basketball. For Nathan, football.

The Ikudedes also had similar responses when asked what the highlight of their time has been.

“Meeting lots of friends and being a boarder has been pretty good,” said Daniel, the Boys Boarding Captain for 2017.

“Hanging out in boarding and establishing lifelong connections has been my highlight,” said Jephthah, Boys Boarding Vice Captain.

Caleb and Joshua Back differed somewhat in their responses.

“My highlight was the 2015 German Trip,” said Caleb, a Student Council Leader this year. 

“Concordia’s opportunities with engineering was my highlight,” said Joshua.

Kai Johnston’s highlight was playing sports including football, cross country and AFL. 

His brother Reagan, who was Sports Captain this year, said his highlight was participating in the Kokoda Challenge.

All eight students are planning to either continue to university next year or complete an apprenticeship. 

One thing that all of them can agree on is that they are looking forward to finishing school and taking on the next challenges that await them.