Concordia students set to lose their locks in the fight against cancer

Tuesday 28 Jan

Concordia Lutheran College students will be farewelling their hair next Friday 18 October to help raise valuable funds in the fight against cancer through the World’s Greatest Shave and Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project. The students will bravely shave their heads or cut off their ponytails on the day.

Six students will bravely shave their heads for the World’s Greatest Shave on the day. The team, called “Concordia Lutheran Smootheran College” has already exceeded their target of $3,000, with close to $3,600 two days out from the event. The team consists of Samuel Healy, Bailey McNamara, Jake Bailey, Jeremiah Hukkinen, James Hancock, Matt Trevor, Sophie Kristensen and Mr David Rentell.

The members of the team have their own personal reasons for “braving the shave”.

“Shaving my head is nothing compared to what cancer patients and their families endure and knowing that this small gesture may help them is incredibly rewarding,” Samuel Healy said.

“I am doing the World's Greatest Shave because I want to make a difference as I lost my grandparents to cancer,” said Jeremiah Hukkinen.

Matthew Barnes said he is shaving his head for relatives and friends who suffer from blood cancer.

 “I want to make my Grandma proud and help those people who suffer from leukemia,” said Bailey McNamara.

Joining the students participating in the World’s Greatest Shave are four students and one teacher who are taking part in the Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project as “Concordia’s Hair Chop Chicks”.

The students, Jessica Hollonds, Ella Christensen, Zoe McCormack and Shilo McCormack, plus teacher Mrs Karin McKenzie, have already raised over $5,600 for the Ponytail Project. Mrs McKenzie will be shaving her head while the girls will have their ponytails cut off.

“Cancer is very close in my heart as I have had numerous family members and friends affected by it,” said Jessica Hollonds.

The Concordia Lutheran Smootheran College and Hair Chop Chicks will join forces at a special event on Friday 18 October with Michelle, the manager of Pure Hair at The Ridge, donating her time to shave the heads of the students participating.

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