Evie Ford travelling to Europe for International Dance Events

Wednesday 20 Jun

Year 12 student Evie Ford wowed audiences as Glinda the Good Witch in the recent College Musical and now she is heading to Europe in July to participate in world class dancing programs. Evie will travel with five other dancers from the Conservertoire Ballet Company to Italy and Greece for eight days of intensive dancing and networking with some of the world’s finest dancers and teachers.

The group will travel to Athens from 5 to 9 July for the World Congress, an invitation only event where dancers participate in classes, workshops, lectures and performances.

The event includes all dance styles from around the world and provides dances with an introduction to professional dance schools, companies and directors.

Evie will then travel to Tuscany for the Fiestalonia Melenio, Italy’s biggest dance festival from 9 to 12 July. Here she will participate in workshops, rehearsals and performances, including a masterclass with an internationally renowned teacher.

Evie’s Ballet and Contemporary Dance Teacher, Ms Sarah Brown, is a founding member of the National Conservertoire Ballet Company where she was also a Principal Dancer.

Ms Brown says Evie is a talented dancer and she has been impressed by her work ethic and natural ability.

“She works hard, is very focussed, takes everything on board and gives her all,” Ms Brown said.

Ms Brown said Evie received outstanding feedback when she travelled to Hungary in 2016 for the International Summer Dance Program.

“Evie really stood out in her division as she is such a versatile dancer,” she said.

Evie, a 2017 Arts Captain at Concordia, says dancing is fun and helps her to destress.

She says she is open to pursuing dance when she finishes school and will go to university when the time is right.

“I would love to be a professional dancer and actor one day,” she says.