Queensland Best Kept Secret Video viewed over 60,000 times

Thursday 23 Sep

Concordia Lutheran College's new video, "Queensland's Best Kept Secret", has received an enthusiastic response from the public with the video viewed over 60,000 times online in just four weeks. With a good dash of self-deprecating humour – “Tell ‘em they’re not dreaming!” – and a song that sticks in your head, it's clear that the secret's now out!

Concordia's Marketing department enlisted the support of The Film Guys to create a video that was warm, funny and entertaining. The Film Guys worked with Concordia's secondary students to find out about how they feel about the College.

The result is an authentic, humorous take on school marketing and what's really important when choosing the right school.

Concordia's Director of Marketing and Enrolments Mrs Bianca Coleborn said the response to the video has gone beyond all expectations.

"We knew the video was good and we knew that it was funny and entertaining, but you never know how well something like this will be received until you share it with the world," Mrs Coleborn said.

"Right from the start, we wanted something that was entertaining and fun...not the usual school marketing video that we are all accustomed to," she said.

"Not only are we thrilled with the results of the video, but we are delighted by the wonderful experience our students had in creating it with The Film Guys."

To watch the video, click on this link:

To read more about the video and the content that it covers, please click here.