Queensland's Best Kept Secret

Concordia Lutheran College is proud to present Queensland's Best Kept Secret - a video created by The Film Guys, an international film company that specialises in entertaining, memorable and humorous school marketing videos.

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When we first discovered The Film Guys, we fell in love with their work - they do not produce the usual school marketing videos that we are all accustomed to. While they are clearly very talented, it was their great sense of humour and fun that really appealed to us.

Fortunately, The Film Guys were looking to enter the Australian market. They have worked with schools all around the world and we are honoured to be the first Australian school to work with them.

When the crew joined us in Term 1, their priority was meeting with the students to hear their thoughts about what makes Concordia special, workshopping with them to brainstorm ideas about what the video should look like. This is what adds a sense of authenticity to the film - it is not something that has been cooked up in the Marketing department, the students had a real hand in producing it.

Here's a bit more detail on some of the items mentioned in the video:

Our gardeners are pretty great, they keep our grass controlled.
Our hedges, lawns and shrubberies are a sight to behold.

Our students really did think our Grounds Team deserved a shout out for their amazing work! These shots were filmed at our Stephen Street Campus for Middle College (Years 7 to 9) and Senior College (Years 10 to 12) students. We also have two Junior College campuses for Kindergarten to Year 6 students - Hume Street Campus and Warwick Street Campus, which are featured in some of the dancing scenes.

We could sing all about our fun, exciting academics.

In the Junior College, our specialist teachers strive to provide students with fun and engaging learning both inside and outside the classroom.

In secondary, our teaching staff continue to provide a dynamic learning environment for our students while still working hard to achieve the best possible outcomes. For more information about the broad range of subjects offered in Years 7 to 12, please see the Middle College Handbook and Senior College Handbook.

Or we could sing about how we perform in our athletics.

We offer a range of sports and activities to our students including AFL, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Soccer/Futsal, Rugby Sevens and Water Polo. There is also dedicated training for Track & Field, Cross Country and Swimming. We have the heated, indoor Concordia Aquatic Centre for students to train in Swimming and Water Polo. 

If there's one thing we could be known for in these parts, It's that we've made putting on big musicals an art.

Concordia presents a musical every second year with the last two musicals in 2017 (The Wizard of Oz) and 2019 (Bugsy Malone) being held on the main stage of the Empire Theatre, featuring the singing, dancing and musical instrument talents of our students as well as dazzling sets and costumes.

The kids are really nice here, Dad says it's worth the price here.

You can view our 2020 fee schedules for Australian and international students by clicking here

In Year 9 you'll spend a month in the bush with no phones,
The boys and girls are split in groups because, you know, teenage hormones.

Outdoor Education is an important element of Lutheran education with our program designed to foster personal, spiritual and social development in our students. 

Our Year 9 students spend four weeks at Googa Outdoor Education Centre where they learn new skills, go hiking and camping and perform jobs such as cooking and cleaning. They have no access to technology for four weeks and communicate with their family via letters, something very few young people experience these days. 

Here's a short video of what our students had to say about their Googa experience:

There's a very good chance that you will meet your best mates here,
And when you're older, these are the friends with whom you'll share a beer.

Our students develop authentic, respectful relationships with one another that often last a lifetime. The four people in the foreground of the adults scene are all Concordia Old Scholars.

But what do families really want? Do they want to know our test scores jumped?

Concordia Lutheran College was recognised in 2019 as being one of the schools in Australia to have significant gains in NAPLAN results. You can read more about this here.

Or that our Rugby teams don't get thumped (anymore).

After a hiatus from Rugby, Concordia introduced Rugby Sevens to the sporting lineup in 2019 with boys and girls teams competing in the competition with great results. 

Do they want to know we're a boarding school for boys and girls?

We offer boarding for Years 7 to 12 at our Stephen Street Campus. Our Learning in Residence program provides after-hours academic support to our students with qualified teachers, tutors and pre-service teachers from the University of Southern Queensland working with students in the College Library to support their studies. 

Enrolling several students here from across the world.

We have approximately 15 international students from China, Hong Kong, Poland and Papua New Guinea who attend Concordia Lutheran College. Read more about our international student program here.

Concordia...perhaps it's time you paid us a visit.

We would love to show you around our College sometime! If you would like to make an appointment visit us, please contact our Registrar by calling (07) 4688 2700. To request a prospectus, please complete the below form. 

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