The Arts

Studying The Arts promotes creative and critical thinking, self-expression, observation and problem-solving skills. It develops an understanding of ourselves as an individual and of those around us. It also enables us to see how we exist in the world in both historical and contemporary contexts.


The Arts at Concordia Lutheran College offers students the full range of Arts subjects to choose from – Music, Drama, Media Arts, Dance and Visual Art. Each subject enables students to learn and develop skills in each discipline, whist developing their own personal aesthetic, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the work of others.

Meet our 2024 Arts Captains

Each year Concordia's Arts Community is represented by two Arts Captains. These young leaders ensure our Art Students are represented with high regard within the College community.

In 2024, Concordia Lutheran College is being exceptionally represented by Arts Captains George Bartley and Sarah Peake.


The extra-curricular programs at Concordia cater for students from Year 7 – 12 across a variety of facets of Arts Education. Our programs enable students to experience the Arts in ways that promote confidence, innovation, creativity, collaboration, empathy, appreciation, problem-solving and self-expression


The College has two dance teams open to students in Yrs. 7–12. The teams perform at a variety of events and competitions both locally and in Brisbane. The program gives students the opportunity to gain skills across a variety of dance genres and to develop excellence in performance in an environment that enables them to work with other students across different year levels.

Each team trains once a week before school.


The College offers two levels of Drama Club, catering to the students’ interests and skill levels.

Students are accepted into the Extension Drama Club through an application process. Once enrolled, they all work as an ensemble on projects specific to their interest areas and collaborate on performances for competition. As well as high-level performance, students can explore their interests in scriptwriting, design and directing as part of the process.

The Open Drama Club is an exciting opportunity for any student from Yrs. 7-12 to engage in fun drama activities such as theatre games, improvisation, and small projects for College events This club is aimed at being a social connection for people who enjoy drama at any level and provides the opportunity to develop a rapport with the Arts Captains.

Students are welcome to be involved in both clubs, as they run in separate sessions.


Visual Art operates lunchtime Art workshops and all students from Yrs. 7-12 are welcome to come along. This is an opportunity for students to work on various projects of their own interest, and also to enter competitions of a regional, state and national level. Workshops vary each term according to student’s interests and passions but are a great opportunity for students enjoy their art in a more social context.


Concordia Lutheran College musicals have a reputation for excellence and professionalism. Open to students from Year 5 – 12, our musicals often boast a full cast of over 100, with opportunities to be involved in all aspects of musical theatre. Performed in the iconic Empire Theatre, Concordia musicals take place every 2 years and give students the opportunity to be involved in an experience like no other and to make memories for life.


Held in the alternate year to musical, Arts Tour is an immersion tour of the Arts to a major city and encompasses all things Music, Visual Art, Film and Television, Dance and Drama. Students must be enrolled in an Arts subject or an extra-curricular activity to attend. Whilst on tour, students participate in a variety of workshops, and attend plays and musicals, concerts, exhibitions and guided tours. Arts tour caters for students of varying abilities, interests and passions. Learning opportunities extend far beyond the classroom as this is a unique opportunity for students to see not only what the Arts industry has to offer after school, but to learn more about their own personal Arts aesthetic