Outside School Hours Care

The Outside School Hours Care program caters for children's needs for recreation, relaxation, friendship and fun. This service is provided to assist parents who have work and family commitments outside school hours.

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OSHC Service Details

Concordia Lutheran College Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is located on the premises of Hume Street Campus and is managed by QLECS (Queensland Lutheran Early Childhood Services).  OSHC provides care for Concordia Lutheran College children as well as children from the wider community. 

Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care are services of Concordia Lutheran College OSHC. Read more about Our Philosophy.

Please note that to register for OSHC, there is a $25 one off enrolment fee.

Before School Hours Care

Before School Hours Care operates between the hours of 6.30am and 8.30am each term time College day at a session fee of $18 per child (permanent booking) or $20 per child (casual booking).   

Before School Hours Care will operate from the Hume Street Campus Hall, OSHC space. Breakfast is not provided for this service, however, you may wish to send a non-reheatable breakfast for your child which can be eaten at the service.

The children of Warwick Street Campus attending Before School Hours Care will have access to the College bus for transportation from HSC to WSC each morning as a complimentary service supplied by the College to the families of OSHC.

After School Hours Care

After School Hours Care is offered to children of the College each afternoon between the hours of 3.10pm and 6pm at a session fee of $28 per child (permanent booking) or $30 per child (casual booking).

Children of Warwick Street Campus will be collected from the pickup zone at Warwick Street by a College bus to be transported to Hume Street Campus where the children will be met by an Educator of OSHC and signed into the service. The bus service is supplied by the College as a complimentary service to the families of OSHC.

Afternoon tea is supplied.

Vacation Care

Vacation Care caters to not only the children of Concordia Lutheran College but also to those for the wider community. Children attend Vacation Care from many varied schools around Toowoomba. 

Vacation Care operates for each College holiday date and Pupil Free Day with a two-week closure over the Christmas and New Year period. The daily session operates between the hours of 7.30am and 6pm with a daily fee of $57 per child (permanent booking) or $59 per child (casual booking).

Afternoon tea is supplied.

Excursions that occur during the Vacation Care period will incur an extra cost to the families. Excursions outside of the service are compulsory with non-compulsory incursions being offered also.

The Vacation Care program is sent home to families three weeks before the upcoming break. Bookings for Vacation Care may be taken before this time however to ensure your place in the service.


The program is flexible and varied for the children in care and aims to provide opportunities for rest and relaxation, physical activities, building and construction and art and craft as well as providing a ‘home away from home’ in which the children’s physical, emotional and social needs are considered and catered for. The children engage in positive interactions that help to foster personal responsibility and risk taking.

The program is guided by the interests and ideas of the children, My Time Our Place Framework and the National Quality Standards with invitations to families for input being encouraged.

Children are encouraged to bring spare clothes to feel more at home and allow for free messy play during the sessions. A broad brimmed hat is a necessity.

Contact Details

Service Leader: Miss Rebecca Turner

Telephone: 0419 237 045 (between the hours of 1.30pm to 6pm term time and 7.30am to 6pm during Vacation Care)

Email: oshc@concordia.qld.edu.au

Address: Concordia Lutheran College - Hume Street Campus, 402-410 Hume Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350