Senior College

​Our Senior College, comprised of Years 10 to 12, is the final stepping stone of education at Concordia.

Our passionate staff work closely with students with a focus on future goals, notably post-secondary career pathways. This comprehensive preparation manifests itself in mature students who value lifelong learning and leave with strong leadership skills and the ability to flourish in their next steps.

We seek to nurture an atmosphere of respect between teachers, students and families – we believe this has been an integral component of our success. Our pastoral care program includes work experience and life skill seminars suited to each year level. During their time at the Senior College, students can undertake workplace traineeships and school-based certificates to supplement their learning.


We affirm the potential for every student to serve as a role model and ignite inspiration in others. Students are urged to acknowledge the abundant opportunities within the school to demonstrate such leadership qualities. More structured avenues for leadership include involvement in co-curricular clubs, sports, music, and Peer Support, as well as through formal college leadership positions.

Meet our 2024 College Captains

Each year Concordia's College Community is represented by two College Captains. These young leaders ensure our Senior Students are represented with high regard within the College community.

In 2024, Concordia Lutheran College is being exceptionally represented by College Captains Charlie Pietsch and Emily Zeller.

Wellbeing matters

The wellbeing of our students is paramount, as it directly influences their ability to learn and excel. We believe students need to be at their best to achieve their best. Within the Senior College, each student is part of a supportive vertical year-level House Class group, fostering a profound sense of belonging and individual recognition. An extensive and experienced Pastoral Care team is available to all students, including counselling services.

For curriculum and other Senior College information, please read our Senior College Handbook.