Philosophy, Purpose and Values

As a coeducational school of the Lutheran Church of Australia, Concordia Lutheran College exists to nurture and empower young people to shape and enrich our world through a life of faith and service. We are a Christian community where God's message of grace is proclaimed, and this guides how we teach, live and work together.

Our Vision Statement

Our Philosophy

Concordia Lutheran College is a Christian coeducational day and boarding school that provides a holistic approach to shape and prepare students to be confident, informed and equipped to make a difference in an ever changing world. We offer a rigorous and quality education where students strive for excellence, and set high expectations in a safe, Christ-centred, grace-filled learning environment.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to deliver to our students inspiring, relevant and engaging learning opportunities in a welcoming and caring Christian environment.

Our Values

  • Learning
    We value learning: where students demonstrate resilience and persistence as creative, adept learners who are not afraid to take risks as they learn and grow.
  • Compassion
    We value compassion: where students develop their hearts and minds as they care for, respect, support and nurture one another.
  • Courage
    We value courage: where students become risk-takers who take ownership of their learning, set high expectations and are not afraid to speak up for others and themselves.
  • Service
    We value service: where students reflect on their place in the world as they desire to reach out and support people and groups on a local and global level.
  • Excellence
    We value excellence: where students continually strive for excellence as they set and exceed their own goals in their learning.
  • Respect
    We value respect: where every member of the College community respects themselves, others, and creation as they demonstrate stewardship and care for God’s earth and all who live on it.