Concordia College Future Foundation

Since its inception, a culture of giving has helped to sustain an environment of educational excellence at Concordia Lutheran College.

A well-resourced Future Foundation will ensure the College can continue to provide the best opportunities for a holistic education in a Christian setting for every student .

The success of the Concordia Lutheran College Future Foundation is dependent on the generosity of support received from the wider College community.


Our mission is to ensure the financial viability of the College into the future by developing a commitment to philanthropy and a spirit of generosity within the College community.


The Future Foundation supports the education of young people through the provision of support through the Scholarship Fund. The foundation also assists the College in maintaining and improving its facilities through the Building Fund to create a dynamic, engaging environment for students.

Giving to the Concordia Lutheran College Future Fund

For further information or enquiries, to make a pledge, donate artwork or any other gifts in kind, or if you consider leaving a gift to Concordia in your estate, please contact:

Business Manager - Mrs Kym Schultz
(07) 4688 2700,


Head of College - Mr Anton Prinsloo
(07) 4688 2700,

Your gift to the Future Fund will create new learning opportunities for students who, without financial support, may not be able to access a Concordia Lutheran College education. It will also enable the College to create a learning environment that is conducive to a 21st Century education.

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