Sport & Activities

At Concordia, we seek to provide students with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of competitive and non-competitive sporting and recreational activities.

Our aim is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong enjoyment of exercise and sport.

We also believe that participation in sport can build character. Team spirit results when members play hard but fair, agreeing to be self-disciplined and courteous, playing within the rules and respecting authority and opponents.

All students at Concordia participate in sport on Wednesday afternoons. Each year a number of our students are selected to represent the Region or the State in their chosen sports.

In addition, there are opportunities throughout the year for students to participate in other competitive and non-competitive sporting activities. Inter-School and club competitions held outside school hours have allowed students with a specific area of interest to continue their development.

Sport in the Curriculum

Sport is an important part of the College curriculum from Prep through to Year 12. Students have the opportunity to learn about different sports as well as how to live a healthy lifestyle and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. To learn more about Sport in the curriculum, please click here.

Friday Sport - Junior College

Friday Sport teams are made up of Year 5 and 6 students from Hume Street Campus and Warwick Street Campus. In Term 1, boys have the choice of AFL, Softball or Mixed Tennis, while girls can choose from Touch Football, Kanga Cricket or Tennis.

In Term 3, the boys and girls can both play Hockey or Soccer, while the girls may also choose Netball and the boys may choose Rugby League.

In Term 4, boys have the choice of Cricket, Touch Football or Mixed Volleyball, and girls can choose from AFL, Softball or Mixed Volleyball.

The teams play at a variety of venues all around Toowoomba, enabling them to practice their skills and play competitive games each week.

Wednesday Sport - Middle and Senior College

All Year 7 to 12 students have the opportunity to participate in the Toowoomba Secondary Schools Sport (TSSS) competition on Wednesday afternoons.

Sports include Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball, AFL, Touch Football, Soccer/Futsal, Tennis, Taekwondo and Lawn Bowls. As well as interschool sport, students may elect to participate in other activities during this time. These include: Study Skills, Hospitality, F1, College Musical and other cultural/academic pursuits.

Representative Pathways

Students have the opportunity to nominate to trial for Toowoomba Zone and Darling Downs Regional teams across a number of sports.

Interested students are required to complete the Representative Sport Nomination Form in order to receive further information regarding specific trials.

Please see the attached form for further details. The latest Darling Downs Regional Calendar, Results and Financial Assistance information can be downloaded via their website.

Sporting Schools

Each term our students can select to participate in After School Activities funded through the Sporting Schools Program, an Australian Government initiative designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect children with community sport.

Activities can include Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Orienteering, Soccer, Tennis, Touch Football and Track & Field.