The Week Ahead - End of Term 1, 2022

Friday 1 April 2022

From the Head of College

From the Head of College

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Term 1 has affirmed to me what an incredibly trusting, flexible and resilient community we are at Concordia. The delayed start to the school year back in January came with an online learning week for our Years 11 and 12 students, a return to wearing masks, all school gatherings and events either postponed or cancelled and parents again not allowed back on campus. Hasn’t COVID-19 made us all so much stronger and more aware of the simpler things in life which matter? I believe that this entire generation of students will emerge as more resourceful and appreciative citizens in the years to come. Thank you to our incredible staff for riding this everchanging wave and looking after this journey with so much energy, without a complaint and always focused on providing the best learning and pastoral care outcomes for our students.

So much has been achieved with Project Based Learning making its way into the Arts and Technology Departments at Stephen Street Campus, flexible learning spaces being explored on our Junior College campuses, learning support structures being consolidated and streamlined across the College and a noticeable lift in several sports achievements with so many individuals and teams making their presence felt. Adventurous Learning has arrived at Concordia with the students being reminded to Imagine, but importantly for us to Embrace, the Possibilities made available to them every day.

From the College Pastor

Christ is risen!

We have made it! When you read this our somewhat disrupted Term 1 will nearly have come to an end. And what resilience our community has again shown, dealing with a delayed start, mask wearing and then gradual opening of things again, with many people experiencing sickness at some stage or another.

In spite of all this, much learning and growing has taken place and we were blessed to even fit in our swimming carnival and finish with the cross country. We gained renewed appreciation for coming together in chapels and assemblies. All campuses will finish with an Easter focused service today.

As you look back over the last 10 or so weeks, what highlights come to mind, what challenges did you overcome? I am sure we all have stories to tell.

I think we can say that we lived our theme for the term: stepping out of the boat (taking on challenges that come our way) and our final focus on the Easter events, with Good Friday being the topic for last week and the resurrection (Easter) this week is an appropriate conclusion to the term.

It is a reminder that there is suffering in our lives, that things do not always go as planned, that there are unanswered questions, but Christ is in the  midst of that, sharing our journey,  and that with God this is never the end, there are new beginnings, there is hope, there is life beyond death even!

Community News

Easter services offered by local Lutheran Churches

(Maundy Thursday 14/4, Good Friday 15/4, Easter Sunday 17/4)

Emmanuel (Concordia Chapel)
Good Friday 9am
Easter Sunday 9am 

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (23 Glenvale Road)
Palm Sunday 9am (This is also a confirmation service)
Maundy Thursday 7pm
Good Friday 9am
Easter Sunday 9am

Wilsonton/Glencoe Parish
Maundy Thursday — Bethlehem (Glencoe) 7pm with HC
Good Friday —
• Bethlehem (Glencoe) 8.30am with HC
• St John’s (Wilsonton) 10.15am with HC

Easter Sunday —
• Bethlehem (Glencoe) 5.45am with HC — Easter Breakfast after
• St John’s (Wilsonton) 8.30am with HC

Redeemer (Neil St)
Maundy Thursday — 7pm
Good Friday — 9.30am
Easter Sunday —
• 6am (Picnic Point)
• 9.30am (Redeemer)

Christian Life Week – in the winter holidays

Lutheran Youth Queensland are again offering special camping experiences for young people at Highfields (Koojarewon) or the Sunshine Coast (Luther Heights).

Our life-changing Holiday Camps are the highlight of the school holidays for hundreds of young campers every year! There is still no better way than camping to give young people the space to discover more about themselves, their world and God.

Enrol now and claim your discount! Click on the links below.

Project Based Learning at Concordia

Junior College

From the Junior College Directors

After a delayed start this term, we have made it to the end of another eventful yet rewarding 10 weeks at the Junior College. As we finished the week today with our Inter-House Cross Country, it was wonderful to see the House spirit as the students from Altus, Kessler and Stedman were put through their paces on the track. The students should be extremely proud of the persistence and resilience they showed today as well as the sheer determination to get around the course. 

Junior College Social and Emotional Wellbeing Classes

Throughout Term 1, students across both Junior College campuses engaged in Social and Emotional Wellbeing classes. These classes were designed to equip students with the skills they need manage day to day life. Initially, we explored the Zones of Regulation (ZoR), followed by an introduction to the You Can Do It program and Keeping Kids Safe program (Daniel Morcombe Foundation). All three programs tied together beautifully to help students gain a strong understanding of both theirs and others’ wellbeing and safety. 

Junior College German Classes

Please click here for an overview of German this term at both Hume Street Campus and Warwick Street Campus.

Outside School Hours Care

Hume Street Campus

HSC Tennis Coaching - Term 2

Tennis coaching will be held during Term 2. Click the relevant link below for further information:

HSC Tuckshop Orders

Please note: There is no tuckshop in Week 1 of Term 2. Tuckshop will start in Week 2.

Warwick Street Campus

WSC Tennis Coaching - Term 2

Tennis coaching will be held during Term 2. Click the relevant link below for further information:

WSC Tuckshop Orders

Please note: There is no tuckshop in Week 1 of Term 2. Tuckshop will start in Week 2.

Stephen Street Campus

From the Director of Campus

Wow – what a term! It is safe to say that in education you need to expect the unexpected. This has been certainly true for the past couple of years. I am truly proud of both our students and staff for how they have adapted to the changes and curveballs that have come their way this term.

From COVID restrictions to natural disasters, we have all had to work together to ensure learning can continue, with as little disruption as possible. Yet, every step of the way I have heard from our staff and families - “what can I do?” What a great community.

Today, we are holding our College Cross Country on Stephen Street Campus. What a beautiful day we have been blessed with. Thank you to Mr Darryl Allen and our HPE staff for their time organising the event. I can’t wait to see what House comes out on top.

Elevate Parent Information Session - Years 7 to 12


Boarding News

Hello to all our boarding families!

What a fantastic weekend we have had in Boarding. How great it is for us as staff to witness the friendships and networking that our students have with each other. A day at the Toowoomba Show stands out, where staff and students come together in fun times with laughter and for some, a little embarrassment. Students volunteered to be involved at the Concordia stand in the pavilion. Many balloons pumped up and given away to the little ones. Thank you to all who helped out.

On arrival at the Show, small groups of boys and girls went every which way not knowing where to go first. Some ventured down sideshow alley and stopped at various stuffed animal stalls, floating ducks, darts and lucky number draw to name a few. Others swooped to the dodgem cars, cup and saucer, merry go rounds, ferris wheel and ranger for a little adrenalin rush.

Welcome from the Leadership Team