The Week Ahead - Term 1, Week 4

Monday 14 February to Friday 18 February 2022

From the Head of College

Welcome back!

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome to the first edition of The Week Ahead for 2022! It has been wonderful to welcome the students back to the College this week – the energy, laughter, noise, learning and classrooms bursting with life have been music to our ears! A special welcome is extended to all our new students and their families. I look forward to getting to know you better over the coming weeks as well as growing a strong and transparent working relationship with you.

Congratulations to all our students on how well they have returned to school and settled in after being away from school for around 10 weeks. Thank you, parents, for your support and patience in this stop-start process. I need to use this opportunity to acknowledge the incredible job done by all the staff in making the necessary changes, and then changing some more, as we prepared and hit the reset button for the return of the students. The flexibility, professionalism, dedication to the task in hand, resilience and collaboration of the Concordia staff, mixed in with lots of laughter and humour, need to be applauded and acknowledged.  

Although the school year has once again begun with some uncertainty, with the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic still very much hanging over us, Concordia will endeavour to continue providing support and assistance for your family. With that in mind, please don't hesitate to contact us if you do need any support

From the College Pastor

Welcome to the 2022 school year!

Welcome to Term 1, 2022! The new school year at last has started and the College is filled with life again. It’s great to see students reconnecting with one another and also with staff.

While the start of the year didn’t quite go as planned, we are blessed to be able to join as community in our learning journey for 2022. Seeing the Year 12 students assisting with the Year 7 and 8 students as they arrived on day one, was a case in point.

As we step into this school year, we are following the theme of “Imagine the possibilities”. Imagination is one of the great gifts that humans have been given, I guess it is a reflection of being created in the image of God (as Genesis 1 puts it). The God who imagined this world and spoke it into being, who imagined each of us and made each of us, and promises to be with us along the way this God has given us the gift of imagination and the ability to join God as co-creators. And we have done so from the start

Community News

Uniform and Book Shop Attendant

We are seeking an Attendant for the College Uniform/Book Shop for the period 28 February to 16 September, term time. In this 10 hour/week position, you will work closely with the Business Office to ensure the efficient operation of the shop, including providing friendly customer service to staff, parents and students and undertaking stock ordering, handling and sales.

If you would like to know more or are interested in applying, please visit our website, contact Lynda Redinger on 4688 2747 or email

International Women's Day High Tea

You're invited to attend the inaugural International Women's Day High Tea taking place at the Concordia Function Centre on Tuesday 8 March from 5.30pm to 7pm.

Enjoy a delicious range of savories and sweets prepared by our professional chefs, along with an assortment of gourmet teas, coffee and juice. You will also receive a gift bag on arrival.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $25 for school-aged students. Tables of 10 are available for $250.

It's been great to see a an excellent response to this event with half of the available seats already sold! If you'd like to join us, please make sure book your tickets as soon as possible by clicking this button. Ticket sales close on Friday 4 March, if not sold out sooner.

Project Based Learning at Concordia

Junior College

JC Library News

Welcome to the start of the 2022 school year. I wish continuing Concordia families and new families a positive enthusiastic start to the year. 

Each week your child will have a designated day and time for their visit to the library. Can I please ask that you assist your child by reminding them to bring along their books to return on their specific library day? During their first visit for the year, I have spoken to many of them about the importance of taking care of the books. I would be very grateful if you can please reinforce the importance of careful care of the library books such as keeping them away from very small children, pets, food and drinks.

JC Choirs

We are hoping to have our choirs up and singing by Week 5. More information will be shared next week regarding this.

Outside School Hours Care

Hume Street Campus

From the HSC Director

How good was it to be back to school this week? I’m not sure who was more excited … students, staff or parents. I do know that schools are not very vibrant without our students.

It has been wonderful to begin engaging with our new theme of "Imagine the Possibilities" as all classes have begun to connect with their new year level curriculum. I heard a very excited Year 4 student comment yesterday, “We learnt how to …!” Imagine being excited by Maths!

HSC Chapel and Assembly

We are not able to join together for Chapel and Assembly until Week 7. At that time, our Chapel will be at 10.15am each Friday morning and Assembly every second Monday at 12.30pm. We are going to set every other week aside to have Buddy Class time as well. We will notify you all one parents are able to return for these events. 

HSC Tuckshop Orders

At HSC, tuckshop is held on a Thursday. All orders are to be completed online at My Student Account by 3pm each Wednesday. Please notify Reception by 9am on Thursday if your child is absent and we will cancel their order. 

Please note: Week 9 is the last week of Tuckshop.

HSC Tennis Coaching - Term 1

Tennis coaching will be held during Term 1. Click the relevant link below for further information:

Plants 2022 - Rates Vouchers

If you have received any Free Plants 2022 vouchers included with your Rates and do not want to use them yourself, we would love to take them off your hands. They can be dropped into our Campus Reception. 

Warwick Street Campus

From the WSC Director

Welcome to 2022! After two weeks at school without our full cohort of students, it was wonderful to have them all back this week ready to start our year of learning. We also have many new families joining our WSC community in 2022. Along with our new group of Preps, we also have 14 new students across Years 1 to 6, which is very exciting.

Drive Through Procedures

Thank you for your patience in the Drive Through in the mornings and afternoons. I know it can be an extremely busy time. All morning Drive Through for all students will be via our Yaldwyn Street Drive Through. Please read the Drive Through procedures below: 

Afternoon Drive Through will be divided across the following two locations:

  • Stedman
    - Afternoon pick up will be via The Shed Drive Through.
    - Please enter by turning left into The Shed Drive Through from Warwick Street and exiting by turning left onto Warwick Street again.
    - There will be no right turn.
  • Altus and Kessler
    - Students in Altus and Kessler will be in the Drive Through off Yaldwyn Street as per normal.
    - Please enter the Drive Through by turning left on Yaldwyn Street and exit by turning left onto Warwick Street.

All students will use the Yaldwyn Street Drive Through as per normal in the mornings.

Things to note:
* Afternoon Drive Through will be supervised until 3.30pm each day.
* If you have older students, and it fits with your after school activities, please leave your afternoon pick up until at least 3.15pm to assist with congestion. All students will be supervised until 3.30pm.
* If you are walking your students into the school grounds please do not walk through the Drive Through. For safety reasons, all pedestrians must walk alongside the Kindy fence to the top of the Drive Through and then use the crossing.

WSC Tuckshop Orders

At WSC, Tuckshop is held on a Wednesday. All orders are to be completed online at My Student Account by 3pm each Tuesday. Please notify Reception by 9am on Wednesday if your child is absent and we will cancel their order. Tuckshop will finish in Week 9.

Term 1 Tennis Coaching at WSC

Tennis coaching will be held during Term 1. Click the relevant link below for further information:

Word on the Street

The Word on the Street is that the classrooms at WSC look amazing. Can you guess which classroom you might be looking at in these photos?

Stephen Street Campus

From the Director of Campus

What a great pleasure and privilege it is to write my first entry for our The Week Ahead publication. In terms of introductions, the start of my time at Concordia has not been quite what I expected or planned. Video recordings and written pieces, while still informative, are not quite the same as face-to-face communication and good old conversation.

Before introducing myself further, I would like to take the opportunity to recognise the work of my predecessor, Mr Jason Smith. Through many years of dedicated service to Concordia, Jason made deep connections within our community, always with a heart for the students and their futures. I wish Jason all the best for the future in his new role.

I wish to thank the staff, students and parents who have introduced themselves to me over the first few weeks; taking the time to ask me about how I am settling into the Concordia community. My reflections and observations over the first few weeks have routinely found one thing – there is a massive heart for the students in this school. 

If anyone has pondered whether the delayed start to school was like an extended holiday for staff, let me clarify that it was not! Instead, it was time used to prepare even more thoroughly for the return of our students, to further create a welcoming and positive year ahead. In addition to our teaching and Leadership Team, our grounds staff and boarding team have worked tirelessly to somehow make this place even more spectacular and vibrant. I wish to also acknowledge our Learning Assistants for their time in supervising students of essential workers and collaborating with teaching staff on how to enhance the learning of our students from Day 1.

The Arts - What's On?


Boarding News

Hello to all our families and a special welcome to our new parents.

The term has finally started. Our 2021 students have arrived back feeling refreshed and excited for what this school year brings. Welcome to our new students who have started the Concordia journey with some following in the footsteps of their parents and others who have chosen Concordia to be the best fit for your child. I along with our new Boys' Houseparent, Mr Andrew Bull, endeavour to make this a wonderful experience for all our new students. We are committed to boarding being a home away from home and aim to replicate this by allowing our students to find their place and encourage them all to have a voice while providing a safe and healthy fun-loving environment for your child to grow.

Currently, we have been making contact daily as we do understand that as parents it is an extremely emotional time for you all. As a parent of children who went to boarding school, I understand and have felt what you are all going through especially in the early stages of your child’s journey. Please know that we are here to chat whenever the need arises.

Welcome from the Leadership Team