The Week Ahead - Term 3, Week 6

Monday 16 August to Friday 20 August 2021

From the Head of College

From the Head of College

Dear Parents and Caregivers

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the half-way point in Term 3 – they say that time flies when you are having fun! It’s wonderful to be exploring and subsequently discovering, across all three campuses, what makes Concordia the incredible College it is. 

The following culture and expectations have been evident wherever I go – Christ-centred, child-focused, inclusive, shared values, community minded, deep seated pastoral care, academic rigour, a great sense of family, dedicated and supportive staff and preparing our students for life. 

Our catch phrase of Learning [in all its forms] is at the heart of everything we do, encapsulates who we are and what we stand for in such a clear way. Thank you to everyone for your role, ongoing loyalty and support on our journey.

From the College Pastor

Listen to me!

This is a photo of the first English bible I bought for myself in 1986. In February that year I had travelled to New Zealand for the semester break and just before I was due to return the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened, spreading radioactive fallout all over Europe. This led me to stay in New Zealand, where I found work as a Quantity Surveyor (I had been studying structural engineering in Germany) and eventually gained permanent residency. 

Community News

75th Anniversary Celebration - You're Invited!

We are planning a very exciting day on the Stephen Street ovals on Saturday 4 September to celebrate our 75th anniversary!

There will be a real festival atmosphere with the athletics oval being laid out with picnic blankets, tables and chairs along with marquees, food trucks and more. The opposite oval to the east will house a dedicated kids zone.

For planning purposes (and to keep compliant with COVID planning), please register your interest in attending this event. There is no entry fee to attend. Click the below button to register:

Junior College

New Date - Year 1 Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Excursion 30 August

We can now confirm the new date for the JC Year 1 Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Excursion as Monday 30 August 2021. The excursion will enhance the students’ knowledge and understanding of our studies and research of Australian animals as set out in the Australian Curriculum for Year 1 students. Teachers in Charge attending will be Lee-Anne Millett and Angela Norley.

Travel Arrangements 
WSC students – we ask that you arrive at WSC at 7am for a 7.15am departure. 
HSC students – arrive at HSC at 7.10am for a 7.30am departure.

We will leave Lone Pine at 1pm and arrive at Hume Street Campus at around 3pm. Any student who attends OSHC from Warwick Street Campus can depart at HSC.

WSC students should arrive back at their own campus by 3.20pm to 3.30pm.

Junior College Book Week Dress Up Parade - Thursday 26 August

JC Year 3 Koojarewon Camp

The Year 3 students from Hume Street Campus and Warwick Street Campus will be attending a two day camp on Thursday 19 August and Friday 20 August 2021. This should be an exciting event because for most students this will be their first College camp. The focus for the camp is Teamwork, Confidence, Kindness + Fun + Cooperation.

The children will participate in a variety of activities organised by Koojarewon Youth Camp instructors and stay overnight at Koojarewon Youth Camp (26 Borghardt Road, Highfields).  Please see the camp program below.

Outside School Hours Care

Hume Street Campus

From the Director

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through Term 3! It is, however, exciting to begin seeing the learning come together and watch the projects forming that will be shared with you at our Festival of Learning. Please read the information below for this event and save the date.

Each week our teachers share with each other some of the learning that occurs in each classroom. This week we got to see the learning and writing that is happening in Year 6. They are doing a unit called ‘My Place’ and exploring various Historical contexts through literacy. It is wonderful as I visit each classroom to see the progression of writing skills. Our InitiaLit program is setting up a sound foundation that Year 3-6 are then building on with some great results. Thank you to our teachers and learning assistants for enabling our students to learn and grow.

Click here to view HSC's Events for Term 3, Week 6.

Have a warm weekend and enjoy time together.

Mrs Juanetta Priest 
Director of Campus

Rio's Legacy Day - Monday 16 August

HSC Prep to Year 2 Swimming Lessons

On Friday 20 August, Prep to Year 2 students will commence their swimming lessons at the Concordia Aquatic Centre. Each of these classes will participate in eight lessons over the last few weeks of Term 3. There will certainly be some tired little swimmers by the end of Term.

Please ensure that students have the following:

  • Dressing gown - this is great for the students to wear to and from the pool as we don't know what the weather is going to be like;
  • Thongs
  • Swimming togs - Prep students please wear your togs to school and pack underwear
  • Goggles
  • House swimming cap
  • Towel

To avoid any lost items, please clearly label all of your child's items including their shoes, underwear and uniform.

2021 Prep and Kindy Bestbrook Farm Excursion

We are very excited to let you know that on Wednesday 18 August, we will be going to Bestbrook Farm for our 2021 excursion with the HS Kindy children. As part of our Science and Technologies Unit, the Preps are exploring the needs of living things and food production.  Teachers in Charge attending will be Natalie Blackwell, Nikki Collins and Melissa Giles with the Kindy group.

Travel Arrangements
Students will depart for the farm at 8.45am and return to HSC about 3.30pm.

HSC Parent Connect - Father's Day Gift Stall

The HSC Parent Connect are holding a Father's Day Gift Stall on Thursday 2 September. Gifts will be $5 each. If you would like to order any gifts please fill out the form via the link attached.

All orders and money is due by Friday 27 August. 

Parent Connect - Father's Day Gift Stall

Book Week Parade Date Change

We are changing our Book Week Parade from Monday 23 August to Thursday 26 August. Your child/ren may dress up in a costume from any book to do with olden worlds, new worlds, or other worlds. It would be great if they have a matching book that they can share with a buddy at the end of their parade. Parents are welcome to come and join us in the hall for our parade.

HSC Formal and Sport Uniform Days

Currently, our Years 2-6 students wear formal uniform Monday and Thursdays. We would like to continue having our formal uniform on Mondays, but Thursdays will become an optional day - students may wear formal or sport. Preps and Year 1 can continue wearing sport uniform five days.

Festival of Learning

7 September will be an evening of celebrating the learning of our students this term. We had to miss this event last year but are looking forward to an evening of sharing this again. It will be like a Festival where you can enjoy something to eat in the junior playground while listening to students playing instrumental music. You can then move through the classrooms and be amazed by the students' learning for the term. Here are some photos from 2019 to refresh memories.

HSC Kindy to Year 2 PJ Storytime

Tuckshop Orders

At HSC, tuckshop is held on a Thursday. All orders are to be completed online at My Student Account by 3pm each Wednesday. Please notify Reception by 9am on Thursday if your child is absent and we will cancel their order. Tuckshop will finish in Week 9.

Warwick Street Campus

From the Director

We have all heard our national anthem played many times in recent weeks, as our athletes stood proudly on the podium when they received their Olympic gold medals. At Warwick Street Campus, we also sing our anthem with pride each week at Assembly. The Australian National Anthem represents the traditions and beliefs of our country, whilst it also reminds us of Australia’s beauty and rich heritage. 

As part of their English poetry unit, our Year 5 class were tasked with the job of creating their very own anthem for Concordia, which was presented to us at Assembly this week. Each group that presented their anthem to us, showed not only their knowledge of the history of their school, but also the great pride and respect they had as well. We are Concordia! 

Save The Date

On Friday 27 August we will be holding another WSC Disco for our Prep to Year 6 students. After the successful Wine and Cheese with the Director during the disco earlier in the year, our WSC Parent Connect will be hosting the same event again for our parents. Watch this space!

WSC Kindy to Year 2 PJ Storytime

Tuckshop Orders

At WSC, Tuckshop is held on a Wednesday. All orders are to be completed online at My Student Account by 3pm each Tuesday. Please notify Reception by 9am on Wednesday if your child is absent and we will cancel their order. Tuckshop will finish in Week 9.

Stephen Street Campus

Battle of the Musicians… live and loud!

Today has seen the quadrangle come alive with the 2021 Battle of the Musicians and Student Council BBQ. It is certainly a great way to celebrate the halfway mark for the term. To the musicians and tech crew, thanks for a great event! Check out the photos in the gallery below and the videos on our Facebook page.

Our Year 12 students are enjoying the feeling of having all their internal assessment for their General subjects completed and are now able to focus on preparing for their Mock Exams from Week 7 and then onto their final External Exams next term. I do want to publicly acknowledge and thank our teachers of Senior classes who will be running tutorial sessions over the term break, to ensure that our Year 12 students are well prepared for their External Exams.

A reminder that the Stephen Street Parent Connect is gathering on Monday at 6.30pm in the Function Centre. Everyone is welcome to come along.

Finally, a word of thanks to the students and staff who have been wearing their face masks to school. There is certainly no joy in being in a mask all day and really appreciate the efforts of everyone in ensuring that we are doing our part to maintain a safe community.

Mr Jason Smith
Director of Campus

Free Elevate Webinar for Parents

(Youth) Alpha

Do you have questions about the bible, Christ, the Christian faith? Do you want to explore what this may mean for you and your life?

Please come and join Pastor Thomas and Pastor Nathan (of the ELF congregation, who worship at the Concordia chapel) for an Alpha Course.

Grandparents' Day

Sports News

It's been a big week in sport!

Central Zone Trials Congratulations to all Students across the three campuses who competed and made Concordia proud at the Central Zone Trials on Wednesday this week.


Darling Downs School Trial Update Darling Downs School Sport has advised us that the following Darling Downs regional trials have been cancelled due to the recent lockdowns in South-East Queensland:

  • DD Multi Class Track & Field: Friday 13 August
  • DD 10-12 Track & Field: Tuesday 24 August
  • DD 13-19 Track & Field: Thursday 26 and Friday 27 August
  • DD 10-12 Boys and Girls Cricket: Sunday 29 and Monday 30 August

For further information about this announcement from Darling Downs School Sport, please visit this link: Cancellations DD School Sport.


Boarding News

Hello to you all!

Masks came off this week. Students were pleased to not hear our voices saying, “Put your mask on, put your mask on properly. Change your mask”. We are so pleased that the Boarding House has now been classed as the students' home in relation to COVID-19 regulations.   

Welcome from the Leadership Team