Where in the World Wednesdays

Join us to discover the world together as our staff member share their experiences in different countries. Would you like to share your personal experience overseas? We would love to hear from you!


Our Junior College German teacher Mrs El Attar takes us to Egypt this week.

Visit Egypt

The Camino Way, Spain

Hume Street Campus Year 1 teacher, Mrs Angela Norley, and Director of Campus, Mrs Juanetta Priest, share their experiences of walking the Camino Way in Spain.

Discover Spain's Camino Way


Our Marketing Officer, Mrs Christine Loan, shares her travel experiences in Italy.

Discover Italy


Concordia's Director of Marketing and Enrolments Mrs Bianca Coleborn talks about her time in France.

Discover France


Our Warwick Street Director of Campus Mrs Jackie Minnikin shares her experience in the Oceania country of Vanuatu.

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