Creating a welcoming home comes naturally to us, after all we have been offering boarding at Concordia since 1946. We have established a Learning in Residence model at Concordia which provides our boarding students with the opportunity to be empowered in their learning while in residence at Concordia.

Boarder Handbook

Meet our 2023 Boarding Captains

Each year Concordia's boarding community is represented by a Boarding Captain from each boarding house. These young leaders ensure our boarders are represented with high regard within the College community.

In 2023, Concordia Boarding is being exceptionally represented by Boarding Captains Georgette May and Mason Watson.

Discover Learning in Residence at Concordia

When Concordia Lutheran College adopted the mantra that, "Learning is at the heart of everything we do," in 2018, we took the opportunity to reimagine our boarding offering and implemented a "Learning in Residence" program for our boarding students.

We have created a contemporary boarding precinct where our male and female boarders are in separate boarding houses in close proximity. Each house is secured, but students can access a coeducational recreational zone positioned between the two boarding houses. This creates a cohesive community.

An individualised learning program allows each student to choose how their learning progresses with support from a range of staff members outside school hours.

Learning in residence also covers the wellbeing, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs to ensure our boarding students enjoy a well-rounded, holistic residential learning experience because, after all, learning really is at the heart of everything we do at Concordia.

Over the six years that I have spent at boarding there has never been a point where I didn't enjoy it.
Try our Boarder Experience Weekend - 27 & 28 May 2023

Meet our Boarding Houseparents

Our Houseparents oversee each of our boarding houses, making sure our students are supported and cared for while studying away from their families.

Mrs Maureen Taurima, our Girls Houseparent, and Mr Andrew Bull, our Boys Houseparent, oversee a dedicated group of staff members who ensure our students enjoy a holistic boarding experience with a strong emphasis on pastoral care, academic support and access to extra-curricular activities.

Above: Mrs Maureen Taurima, our Girls Houseparent and Mr Andrew Bull, our Boys Houseparent.

Our boarding houses...

I had the privilege of being the Girl's Boarding Captain for Giabal House and what a time it has been. This year I've seen the older girls help the many new faces of girls' boarding find their own place in our sisterly environment which has made everyone feel at home.

What's to eat?

It's a valid question. For many, memories of boarding food in days gone past can conjure up images of less than appealing meals. However, at Concordia, students enjoy meals prepared by our professional chefs and kitchen staff.

Boarding students receive six meals per day - breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. There are a range of healthy options available to students including a salad bar as well as a hot food option for school lunches every day.

Want to know more? Check out the dining room menu for our boarding students in Term 2, 2023:

Boarder Activity Program

Our boarding team work hard to make sure our boarding students enjoy a range of activities during their downtime. Examples of activities include ten pin bowling, cinema nights, disco nights, day trips to Sea World and Movie World, shopping trips to Grand Central and camping trips.

Here's an example of a term's activity list: Term 3, 2022 Boarder Activity Program

See below for some photos of our boarding students enjoying some well earned time out.