New Staff Induction Training

Welcome to Concordia Lutheran College! As part of your induction, it is a legal requirement to complete the training below. This training is undertaken on-line and most components require a working, accessible personal or work email account.

Take 5 Safety Training 

There are seven short safety related modules for you to complete, all of which take approximately five minutes each. Completion of these modules will be automatically recorded by the system.

Child Protection Training 

It is a legal requirement when working with children in Queensland to undertake and complete Child Protection Training on an annual basis. If you have already completed such training this year, please email your Certificate to Human Resources.

  1. An ‘ISQ Connect’ account will be required to access Child Protection training
  2. Go to:
  3. Firstly, click on ‘New User?’ – enter details as required
  4. An email confirming password will be sent to you
  5. Log in to ISQ connect and search for ‘Child Protection’ tutorial
  6. Select ‘Child Protection – Schools’ and then ‘Launch’
  7. When training is complete (approx. 45 mins), a certificate will be displayed
  8. Certificate MUST be saved where it can be accessed
  9. Please email your Certificate to Human Resources

Valuing Safe Communities Training

Lutheran schools seek to ensure that each member of the school community enjoys a positive, safe, healthy and respectful place of learning. To meet this expectation staff and volunteers of schools of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), and early childhood services are obliged to meet the requirements of the ‘LCA Standards of Ethical Behaviour’ and related LCA policies. Valuing Safe Communities (VSC) is a school specific training program developed to comply with this expectation.

Relief Staff - click here
All Other Staff - click here

Please email your Certificate of completion to Human Resources.