Watch the below Nat Geo Kids video and then answer the questions that follow.


  1. Europe is the _______________ most populated continent in the world:
    1. Second
    2. Third
    3. Fourth
    4. Fifth
  2. The smallest nation in the world is located in Europe. It is called:
    1. Liechtenstein
    2. Monaco
    3. Malta
    4. Vatican City
  3. Approximately what per cent of the world's population live in Europe?
    1. 10
    2. 20
    3. 30
    4. 40
  4. The Matterhorn is a mountain that looks like a giant tooth. It is located on the border of what two European countries?
    1. Germany and France
    2. France and Italy
    3. Italy and Switzerland
    4. Switzerland and France
  5. Which of the following famous structures is not based in Europe?
    1. Taj Mahal
    2. Eiffel Tower
    3. Colosseum
  6. Who invented theatres?
    1. Ancient Greeks
    2. Ancient Romans
    3. Ancient Egyptians
  7. Which of the following animals can be found in Europe?
    1. Grey wolves
    2. Brown bears
    3. Golden eagles
    4. Polar bears
    5. All of the above
  8. True or false? Europe is the most visited continent on earth.

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