Online Learning Activities

This page has a range of learning resources across areas including English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History. There are also some "Just for Fun" videos featured at the bottom of this page.


Reading Corner

Join Concordia Lutheran College staff members as they read some of their favourite stories for students to enjoy.

Harry Potter at Home

Harry Potter At Home helps children, parents, carers and teachers add a touch of Harry Potter magic to our new daily lives - and the first Harry Potter book is free!


Free audio books for children - instantly stream an incredible selection of books.


Discover the joy of numbers with the following Maths resources:



Try this Maths Trick!


Watch the SciShow Kids videos and then answer the questions that follow:

Visit the NASA Kids' Club

Do you like space? If so, strap yourself in and enjoy the activities at the NASA Kids' Club.


Watch the Nat Geo Kids video for each continent, then answer the questions that follow:

Ready to travel the world from home? We have compiled a list of virtual tours and excursions at the following links:


Anzac Day 2020

Visit this special page created by the Concordia Junior College to commemorate Anzac Day 2020.

Explore the past with these History resources:

Just for Fun

We've pulled together some interesting educational videos to enjoy:

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