How a Caterpillar becomes a Butterfly

Watch the SciShow Kids video below then answer the questions that follow.


  1. What do all butterflies have in common?
  2. How many stages of life do butterflies have?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
  3. The stages of life are called:
    1. Metamorphosis
    2. Germination
    3. Generation
    4. Lifetime
  4. What does the pupa stay inside?
    1. Cocoon
    2. Chrysalis
    3. Sack
  5.  What do butterflies eat?
    1. Pollen
    2. Flowers
    3. Nectar
    4. Insects
  6. What do butterflies taste with?
    1. Tongue
    2. Antennae
    3. Feet
    4. Nose
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