All about Volcanoes

Watch the SciShow Kids video below then answer the questions that follow.


  1. What is the name of the volcano off the coast of Italy that has been awake for over 2,000 years?
    1. Mont Blanc
    2. Mount Etna
    3. Stromboli
    4. Mount Vesuvius
  2. Magma is VERY:
    1. Cold
    2. Hot
  3. When magma breaks through the earth and reaches the air, it's called:
    1. Lava
    2. Crust
    3. Eruption
    4. Geology
  4. As a volcano keeps erupting, the size of the mountain gets:
    1. Smaller
    2. Wider
    3. Deeper
    4. Taller
  5. The top of the volcano, where the magma comes out is called the:
    1. Vent
    2. Crater
    3. Blow hole
    4. Rock
  6. What is the name of the tallest volcano in the world?
    1. Mount Moana
    2. Mount Maui
    3. Mauna Loa
    4. Mount Te Fiti
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