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SSC Student Weekly Wellbeing Check-In

Students in Years 7 to 12 are asked to complete the following survey each week:

Years 7 to 12 Weekly Student Wellbeing Survey

Information for Students

How students can use time at home to surge ahead academically
Time away from school presents big challenges for senior students. Leading psychologist Andrew Fuller offers an action plan for students to not only survive, but thrive.

10 tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19
Anxiety is normal but sometimes anxiety can be unhelpful. Here are some practical ways that you can keep feelings of anxiety at bay if you are starting to feel overwhelmed.

TedEd Explanation of COVID-19
Information about COVID-19 and what we can do to prevent the spread.

Information for Parents

This is not homeschool - please give yourselves a huge break
Are your kids fed? Do they feel safe and loved? If so, you’ve got this. You’ve more than got this. 

Supporting children and young people to cope with the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic
Many parents are looking for advice about how to best support their children to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

How to talk to your children about coronavirus (COVID-19)
Unicef gives you eight tips to help comfort and protect children.

Suddenly supervising (as well as parenting) through COVID-19? Here's our advice...
Parents Network for Queensland Independent Schools provide some timely advice.

15 Life Skills Every Teen Should LearnWhy not build some life skills while your teenager is at home?

25 Family Movies Every Kid Should See (Plus Fun Activities to Go With Them)Can’t get to a theatre? Enjoy a night at your home cinema instead!

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