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The following pages contain activities and ideas that will help to broaden your mind, entertain and enlighten and provide fun projects to work on. You can return to this page by clicking on the button marked Middle and Senior College.

Weekly Madness

Our Student Leaders have created a four-week challenge for all students. Each day, they will share motivation ideas, study tips, exercise workouts and other fun activities. Check in each day to see what's happening!

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Don't just be a consumer, be a creator! This is place devoted to helping you make things from the creative arts through to cooking and designing. If you are feeling imaginative and creative, or you are looking to be inspired, this is the place for you.

I'm ready to Create


Discover the world from your own home with a range of resources including virtual tours of places around the world and fun games and quizzes to test your Geography knowledge. This is a space that is designed to build your English and HASS knowledge and understanding.

I want to Explore


Do you enjoy STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? You will in this space! The videos, activities and links in this space will make you think!

It's time to Innovate


In times such as these, we turn to our faith. Visit this space to find resources such as devotions, virtual assemblies and more.

I Believe


It's important that you stay active while you are studying at home - for your mental health as well as your physical health. Our Sports department has collated an array of fun and easy workouts for you to do at home in this section.

Let's Move


This is a page devoted to sharing with you different ways to enhance your study skills. These are skills that will help you while you are studying from home, but will also be useful when you return to school. We encourage you to look at this time as an opportunity to develop positive habits in this area.

Improve how I Study


A space dedicated to sharing with you competitions for school students that you may wish to enter. If you win a prize, make sure you let us know. Good luck!

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