Welcome to our Health and Fitness page! In this space you will find fun activities to get you moving and feeling fit and healthy.

Weekly Workouts

Our Junior, Middle and Senior College Sports staff have developed a range of different activities and exercises to keep you moving at home. They are also responsible for the "hilarious" jokes of the day that accompany each workout!

Week 1

This week you will enjoy some circuit training as well as a fun dance workout and a competitive Tic, Tac, Toe game.

Week 2 

Find your inner calm with a yoga session and some meditation and mindfulness, strengthen with a circuit, have fun with some dancing and polish your ball skills with some throwing drills.

Week 3

This week we have some more circuit training, a dance session and some sport specific training for basketball and soccer. If you are not interested in a particular activity or don't have the required equipment, feel free to choose another workout from this week or a previous week.

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