This page is dedicated to all things STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). If you find something that would fit in this space, please feel welcome to share it with us!


Khan Academy

Especially good for maths and computing for all ages but also other subjects at secondary level. Note this uses the US grade system but it's mostly common material.


Build quantitative skills in Maths, Science and Computer Science with fun and challenging interactive explorations. Free trial available.

Ted Ed Mathematics

Try the following Maths activities:


UQ Twilight Talks

The University of Queensland is conducting a series of 45 minute Zoom meetings for interested students to discuss a range of different topics. The Twilight Talks commence on Monday 1 June and continue until Friday 26 June.

The first week of Twilight Talks include the following discussions:

  • How to hunt for dark matter: telescopes, lab experiments, colliders, and putting it all together
  • Understanding tsunamis from sand and rocks
  • The Southern Ocean and its role in climate change over the glacial cycle - what microfossils have told us
  • Quantum and gravitational physics - what do we know?
  • The Smart City: Friend or Foe?

For the full list of Twilight Talks and to register to participate, please click here.

Strawberry DNA Extraction Experiment

TED Ed Science

Check out some of these interesting Science discussions:



Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.


Creative computer programming activities.

Fantastic Contraption

A fun design game that ranges from easy through to very difficult. Please note that you will require Adobe Flash Player to access this game.

Future Thinking

What will the world look like in the future?

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