The world is an amazing place! We may not be able to go out and experience it firsthand at the moment, but we can still learn all about it with the following resources and links.


Geography Games

Can you identify where each continent, country and ocean is on a map? Test your Geography knowledge with these fun, interactive games!

Virtual Excursions

We may be staying at home at the moment, but you can still explore the amazing wonders of the world both here in Australia and around the world with these virtual excursions.

Australian Virtual Excursions

International Virtual Excursions


Ten Minute History - Charlemagne and the Franks 

Ten Minute History - The Meiji Restoration and Empire of Japan

Ten Minute History - The Fall of Rome

Anzac Day 2020

A special page developed by and for the Concordia Lutheran College community to commemorate Anzac Day 2020. See a special video voiced by Head of College Mr Adrian Wiles as well as some other great materials to broaden your understanding of this significant part of Australian history.

Big History Project

Multi disciplinary activities for secondary school students.

Horrible Histories

A fun (and sometimes gross) approach to learning about history.

History for Kids

Includes outlines ranging from Egypt and the Middle Ages through to the history of America. Sadly Australia is not featured in this one, however, see the next link for...

National Geographic Kids - Australian History

Features information about indigenous Australian culture and art.


Harry Potter at Home

Harry Potter At Home helps children, parents, carers and teachers add a touch of Harry Potter magic to our new daily lives - and the first Harry Potter book is free!


Free audio books for children and teens.



Practise your German (or any one of the extensive range of languages on offer) with these fun language exercises.

Explore Germany with these videos...

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