Makerspace Mondays

Every Monday is Makerspace Monday! Join us as we design, tinker, create, wonder and, of course, make things. This page will be updated with a new Makerspace idea every Monday.

Week 1 - Rube Goldberg Machine

A Rube Goldberg Machine is something that has been deliberately over-engineered in order to complete a simple task. The following video shows an example of a Rube Goldberg Machine.

This week, Mrs Minnikin has taken up the challenge to develop a Rube Goldberg Machine. Will she succeed? Click on the button to find out!

See Mrs Minnikin's Rube Goldberg Machine

Week 2 - Millett Lego Challenge

Do you love Lego? It can be used to create all kinds of wonderful things using your imagination. See what Alexander, Sebastian and Annabelle have created and then it's your turn to build something and send us a photo of your construction.

Take the Millett Lego Challenge

Week 3 - News Report

Join Hume Street Campus Year 6 student Josh Cramb for his creation of Humie News. 

Humie News

Week 4 - Leaf People

It's time for some Nature Play with a Leaf People activity. Use the beautiful autumn leaves that are falling to the ground to make your own Leaf Person. Make sure you take a photo and send it to us!

Leaf People Activity

Week 5 - How to Make a Paper Plane

This week, have a go at making a paper plane. Follow the instructions, How to Make a Paper Plane, or get creative and do your own design, and see how far your plane can fly!

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