Issue 39, 4 March 2020

Head of College Update

Dear Colleagues,  

Thank you for the work that you are doing, yet often goes unnoticed. I have had some sensational feedback about the parent evenings held in the first half of this Term – these do not happen successfully unless staff are prepared to go the extra mile. Many thanks one and all.

I have also been impressed with the energy, programming and sheer enthusiasm that exists within the ‘Learning in Residence’ program. Students are now engaged in a co-learning model that is being driven by our Houseparents – Ross and Tosca - and using the expertise of our Residential Tutors. A special thanks must go to Pat Rudd for his co-ordination and work under the guidance of Darren Pope. Our next challenge is to continue to strengthen the communication between classroom teachers and the Boarding staff – a work in progress. Thanks again to all involved.

Professional tips

As you may have seen, AITSL have been sharing teaching tips for Term one, including practical resources and quick videos from nationally certified Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers (HALTs). The videos have been popular with teachers across the country with more than 100,000 views already. Be sure to check them out here. All 15 topic areas are now ready for you to explore, pick and choose what resonates with you. Also published recently, two explainer videos to provide you (and the broader Australian public) with an overview of the Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) initiative. Finally, AITSL has begun the next stage of their cultural competency work. Carly Jia (Senior Advisor, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Education) shared her thoughts on culturally competent teaching, as part of the Term One Teaching Tips campaign.

Staffing Matters

As communicated via email earlier this morning, Gavin Lindenmayer, will finish in his role at Concordia Lutheran College on Friday. Gavin has served this community well in roles as College Council member, College Council Chair and Business Manager throughout the past decade, and his family has been connected to Concordia in many ways for more than fifty years. I wish Gavin and his family well as they plan the journey ahead, and I know that we will all take an opportunity to pass on our feelings of deep gratitude and thanks to Gavin for the pivotal role that he has played in the development of the College over the past decade.

At the end of Term, Charada Grimes will be finishing her tenure and valuable work in support of our Indigenous students. Char has received a scholarship to return to full-time study and I wish her well and thank her for the role that she has played with our students in the past three years.

Every blessing and kind regards,


Need to know!

International film crew on campus – The Film Guys

Next week, Concordia will be hosting team members from an international production house that specialises in memorable and exciting videos that drive results. The Film Guys have an extensive history of creating entertaining, interesting and engaging videos for boarding schools in the United States and Jordan.

The team want to break into the Australian market and Concordia is the school they have chosen to work with. We have been working together for almost a year to discuss ideas and to help them understand Australian culture.

The team arrive on Wednesday 11 March and will be here until Friday 27 March. They will be meeting with staff and students for the first few days before they commence filming.

Here are some examples of their work:

King’s Academy, Jordan

Western Reserve Academy

We look forward to seeing what they create for Concordia! 

Bianca Coleborn, Director of Marketing & Enrolments


Learning Showcase & Open Day

On Thursday 19 March, two days before Open Day, the College will be hosting our first Learning Showcase at Stephen Street Campus. This event is targeted to all current families in the Concordia community to see firsthand the amazing learning that takes place at Concordia from Prep through to Year 12.

The Junior College staff members will be holding some exciting exhibits on Bush Prep, Visual Art and Learning Technologies and the SSC teaching staff are creating some memorable and interactive displays that showcase the extensive curriculum for Years 7 to 12 students.

The Learning Showcase will take place from 5pm to 7pm on Thursday 19 March at Stephen Street Campus. There will be a complimentary sausage sizzle for all in attendance.

Open Day on Saturday 21 March is looking to be another successful day for the College with over 75 guests already registered across the three campuses. If you haven’t already downloaded the Open Day app, you can do so by clicking here. It will tell you everything you need to know about what’s happening at Open Day. If you have any additions for the app, please send them to me.

Bianca Coleborn, Director of Marketing & Enrolments


Head of College update on COVID-19. Daily updates from the Queensland Government can be accessed here


If you have an interest in purchasing a long sleeved version of the staff polo shirt (ideal for cooler weather or sun protection) please email If there is enough interest to meet minimum order quantities, a one-off order will be placed with the supplier. 


The following College policies and guidelines have been updated. Please read and familiarise yourself with the requirements, as they relate to your role at the College.

Facilities Hire and Use Guidelines (minor ammendments)

Staff Code of Conduct (there are updated policy references and clearer direction that the appropriate use of electronic communication extends to acknowledging and responding to emails, both from staff and parents, within a reasonable timeframe)

Important Dates

Date Event / Activity Attendance
Wednesday, 11 March Inter-House Cross Country* All campuses
Thursday, 19 March Student Learning Showcase K-12 From 5.00pm at SSC
Saturday, 21 March College Open Day

*Interhouse Cross Country Program – all campuses

Visible Learning in Action 

The Visible Learning Leadership Team is currently focusing on embedding and understanding more of the “science of learning”. Looking how we move from Surface to Deep to Transfer learning within our subjects and how we can shape our Year 9 “Learning Program” with these deliberate learning progressions. Also, how we move our students to work through the Skill (their prior knowledge), the will (how our students develop self-efficacy) and the thrill (enjoying when learning gets challenging and relish that aspect of learning). Check out this article from Corwin on Curious Classrooms as this provides the ‘thrill’ to propel students forward in loving learning.

The skill - will – and thrill comes from Claxton, 2013. This aligns with a growth mindset which we need to look at how we deliberately plan for this to occur in our lessons and in the learning that occurs in our classes.

Visible Learning PD continues each week in teacher forums and colleague collaboration. The SSC Visible Learning Leadership Team requires 2 more teachers. Please contact Jess, Karin, Karen or myself if you would like to know more.

Wendy Bowen, Director of Learning & Innovation

Escape for a moment...

A quarter of this year has almost passed, and change is permeating many aspects of our work and life. This short clip encourages us to accept that this is not the future, this is the ‘now’.

Committee Updates

The Health Safety and Wellbeing Committee met last week and you can read their meeting minutes here.

SSC staff – please note that there is only 1 designated disabled parking space at the campus which is behind the CSI building. Just like public areas, this space needs to be available and can only be used by people with the appropriate permit.  

TASS Updates

Behind the scenes work is continuing with the configuration and trialling of many features in Teacher Kiosk, Parent Lounge and Student Café. Some of these include:

  • School Fees Account and Payments in Parent Lounge to streamline administrative processes and improve the parent experience
  • Staff leave applications through Teacher Kiosk which will flow automatically into Payroll to eliminate data entry
  • Custom rolls in Teacher Kiosk for use in a variety of extra-curricular activities, as well as evacuations which provides ‘real time’ data and eliminates paper rolls
  • Student Pastoral Care records in Teacher Kiosk which incorporates positive contributions to the school community
  • Academic Analytics which analyses student performance, displays trends and forecasts academic results
  • Student Homework distributed electronically through Student Café which is then visible to parents and students via the e-diary 

A significant software update is expected over the Easter holiday period, which is likely to include even more features to further streamline administrative processes. TASS has also developed a specific Learning Support area in Teacher Kiosk which will be used to record all NCCD information, and this is currently being tested with some schools. Watch this space!

If you have an interest in supporting any of these projects, please contact Mel. 


Last Friday (28/02/2020) all Adobe licences expired and Adobe requires every device to be licenced individually per user. If you haven’t already, please follow these instructions to active your licence.

Please do not download/upgrade any new versions of Adobe on your device, as this will likely break the programs and your computer will need to be reset/re-imaged. Note: you can only licence Adobe programs on one device. If you use Adobe on multiple CLC devices please contact us.

We are creating a new Concordia Windows Image that includes the latest Adobe programs, which you can choose to use. We will send out an email soon once it’s ready.

ICT Dept

Development Opportunities

Further to Adrian’s recommendation, the AITSL teaching tips for this term cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Students getting to know each other
  • Colleague engagement
  • Relaxation and mindfulness
  • Getting to know parents and carers
  • The importance of providing feedback
  • Getting to know student needs

Here are some of the videos.


The QCAA is offering a series of free webinars exploring the intent and structure of each of the eight P–10 Australian Curriculum learning areas. These webinars provide an opportunity to:

  • investigate important features that support alignment of curriculum with classroom practice
  • gain confidence in applying the common language of the curriculum to plan successful teaching and learning programs
  • identify and unpack the cognitive verbs in the P–10 Australian Curriculum
  • explore the selection and use of relevant teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving, and critical and creative thinking.


Swimming Qld is conducting the following two courses at Harristown State School in March.

Swim Australia - Teacher

Thursday Mar 12, 2020 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Swim Australia - Teacher of Learners With Disability

Friday Mar 13, 2020 9:00AM - 3:00PM


A huge shout out to all women this Sunday, as it will be International Women’s Day. The theme this year is:

Here is creative video reminding us that gender differences make no difference to children, so why should it matter to us. 

Who was I?

Who is studying to be a teacher; is related to a former staff member; when to school at Churchie; watches The Ozarks on Netflix; is obsessed with sport of any kind; is inspired by his Dad; has endured work on building sites; and has fond memories of watching Biker Mice from Mars in his childhood?

Josh Erlandson, Boarding Residential Tutor

(Josh maintains such a low profile that we don't even have a professional photo of him!)

Who am I? 


Raised......3 children

Embarrassed by......falling off a treadmill

In my spare time I......enjoy yoga, the gym, walking, reading and sewing

Inspired parents

Plan to......learn how to use a computer....properly

Will......pass my driving test

Auditioned for......the Royal Ballet

Once I......sang in a concert in front of thousands, sang on a radio advert and backing vocals for a record, with my photo on the cover/sleeve

In April......I’m going on my first ever holiday abroad 

Library News

SSC Library learning spaces

If you are wondering why there is a felt campfire in the library- it is because I am slowly aligning the areas in the library to better represent David Thornburg’s learning spaces model. There are waterholes and caves to come! Because we are a bit limited in how we set up the space, these will become visual cues for the students to know what to expect in each part of the library.

Clickview news

There has been a content update from clickview. Subjects include:

  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Launching a food product
  • Rivers

The new videos should be browse-able on your CV dashboard, but let me know if you would like can’t find them or would like to know more.

There has been some exciting changes to the clickview software. A lot of it is behind the scenes but the ones that will affect you are:

  • Larger thumbnails
  • Improvements to the clickview app for iPhone and iPad users
  • Youi can now download videos from the exchange for use offline ( they need to be added to your workspace first)
  • Video clipping for students is now available (through workspace)

SSC Departmental resources

It has come to my attention that the departmental and teacher resource collections need a little bit of work in terms of how they are managed and tracked. This shouldn't affect you much, at worst we may need to remove some books for re-labelling. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this process. 

New resources

We now have a set of 6 desktop whiteboards that can be checked out as a kit. These are great for group work.

Spinney press

New topics include masculinity and male identity, artificial intelligence, activism and protest, conserving native forests, drug use and harm reduction, Australia’s energy debate. These are available as both print and digital resources.

State library of QLD and National Library

Certainly not new resources, but just a reminder that there are some amazing databases and resources that are free for us to use. Students can create their own log in for SLQ and will have to apply and wait for a library card for National Library.

Junior Campuses

There is no news from the junior campus libraries this fortnight as both spaces are humming along nicely under the care of Glenda.

We will be starting our book week planning soon. Please let us know if you have any ideas to share!

Dates: 22-28 August


Education in the News

Five qualities of great teachers, Teacher Magazine

Action research: Physical activity and student writing, Teacher Magazine

Teaching 100 teachers: What this teenager is doing with Minecraft is mind-blowing, Microsoft

Latest New QCE System update, QCAA

Team Updates - BeYou

Thank you for completing the BeYou Educator Survey. Your feedback will now inform the BeYou Action Groups as to the specific priorities for each campus. 

Health and Wellness 

As has been highlighted through a recent and tragic event in Brisbane, Domestic and Family Violence is unfortunately a common problem. It can take many forms including verbal and psychological abuse, or physical violence.

The College’s Employee Assistance Program Partner, AccessEAP, is sensitive to the complexities that surround Domestic and Family Violence and supports employees and offer options for whatever stage you may be at.

This support can be emotional wellbeing through confidential counselling appointments; legal support through a free consultation with an external law firm who specialise in family law; and financial coaching sessions to assist with understanding your current financial situation and ways to gain financial independence.

Please contact them on 1800 818 728 or email to arrange a confidential appointment. 

Thank you!

A significant thank you in advance to the following colleagues who are supporting the College at upcoming rural shows. The flow of visitors to the stand is often unpredictable, therefore if you are available to support any of the days, please contact Bianca. 

In the Community - Pyjama Foundation Fundraiser

I have been a Pyjama Angel for 3 and a half years.  I visit my young friend weekly during the school term for an hour.  We start our sessions with some reading and currently we are challenging each other with times tables.  We do science experiments and play games that involve elements of numeracy and literacy.  My friend has been in foster care for most of his young life.  Aside from assisting in numeracy and literacy skills, a Pyjama Angel's presence in a foster child's life provides that one person who is solely theirs and who is there for them on a regular basis.  Pyjama Angels are often that one constant and reliable person in a foster child's life.  

Here in Toowoomba, we have a Pyjama Angel Library in a small room near the story tree in the Toowoomba Regional Library.  Our library houses books, learning materials and games that the Pyjama Angels can borrow to facilitate a fun learning session for their Pyjama Children.  Funds raised go towards training more Pyjama Angels, adding to our resource collection and hosting events for Pyjama Children such as a Fun Day at Highfields Fire Station and the annual Christmas party where Santa visits to distribute presents.

The ’Battle of Brains’ trivia night is a key fundraising source for the foundation across Australia. If anyone would like to attend they can contact me through my Concordia email, on 0448 472 538, or book directly. Tickets are only $20.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask or alternatively, you can click here to learn more about The Pyjama Foundation.

Leanne Ivanov, Teacher Aide, HSC


The LLL is pleased to announce the release of their banking app!

Established in 1921, LLL Australia is a charitable financial institution which provides savings accounts that are simple to operate, with a great interest rate and no fees or charges. The LLL has a variety of savings accounts: personal and joint accounts; guardian accounts for children; and business accounts, including for self-managed super funds and not-for-profit organisations.

As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), the LLL is regulated under the Banking Act and by APRA.

The mission of the LLL is to provide business and financial support to the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) while providing excellent service to all customers and safeguarding the interests of depositors.

‘Whatever’ Days

Today is World Maths Day! 

NSW Education Mathematics teacher, Holly Millican, has created YouTube videos to share her strategies in teaching mathematics. If maths was this engaging when I was back at school, I am confident I would have achieved higher results! Here is just one of them. 

The Bunya Pine

For Sale:

Orders can be placed with Pastor Chris either in person or email to or 


Toowoomba Golf Club is hosting a ‘Teachers Day’ every Thursday afternoon in Terms 1 and 4. Only $12 for 9 holes.


It seems most bunya nuts have now fallen, however if you do spot the final few of the season, Carissa Jaworska spotted some ideas in The Chronicle (subscribers only content). In summary, they are best roasted, not raw! If you haven’t already, do read up on the history of the Bunya Pine and the important role they have in aboriginal culture. Trees can survive for up to 600 years, so they will be dropping bunya nuts well past our lifetimes. 

To attempt to reduce emails, if you have non-urgent messages or communications to staff groups, please email them to for inclusion in Heads Up.