Issue 43, 15 May 2020

Head of College Update

Dear Colleagues,  

One week of ‘hybrid’ teaching and learning is nearing completion and I believe that we have come through tired but intact. My constant and nagging theme to Leadership over the past days has centred on ensuring that we retain the positive and valuable elements of virtual education that you have worked hard to develop, and in some cases master (I do not count myself in this category!).   

This week, I have had conversations with some students and staff, and they have indicated that there are some invaluable lessons to be learned through our corporate virtual education experience – both good and not so good. As practitioners, we need to take the lessons learned and apply them to the landscape that will unfold when students return to onsite learning. This regathering may be as early as 25 May; however, this is yet to be confirmed and I will listen to the ABC News for direction and instruction.

I know that we as a College will be issuing a number of surveys and discussing this important topic with all members of our community. In the meantime, I would value your feedback and thoughts around what our ‘take-aways’ could be in the weeks, months, and years ahead. A bottle of quality and well-priced wine is available for the most thought provoking and reflective entry – as adjudged by a panel of prominent staff members. Your thoughts will be greatly valued, and I look forward to hearing from you in the coming days.

Health and hygiene

It has now become normal for schools to continually emphasise this critical issue. A reminder to staff that we need to concentrate on hygiene measure for students e.g. handwashing and hygiene generally, sneezing into the elbow and handwashing after sneezing etc.

It is so important that we also look after our colleagues by going beyond the guidelines in some instances. Distancing is a new phenomenon to those in schools and I would urge staff to think about this element of safety in staffrooms and classrooms. It is acknowledged that distancing is relaxed in schools (thankfully for those in Prep, Year 1 etc.) however, I believe that physical distancing has been one of the most effective ways that we as a society have used to manage the scourge of COVID_19. I do encourage you to think about social distancing for students in classrooms as a good practice.

I look forward to coming back to you with up to date information early next week. Stay safe everyone and thank you for a superb effort.

Kindest regards,


Need to know!

Thank you!

Next week is National Boarding Week. This is a celebration for over 150 Australian boarding schools who provide world-class educational opportunities for any student regardless of where they call home.

We have an outstanding Boarding team of Ross, Maureen, Alister, Josh, Francene, Jack, Amaris, Tahnee, Pat, Fiona, Taylor and Tina, who provide around the clock care for each individual student, promoting inclusivity, facilitating activities and contributing to making the Boarding experience a positive one.   

22 boarding students are now back in residence and we are very much looking forward to more voices and chatter when the remaining 18 students can return.

Important Dates

Date Event / Activity Attendance
Thursday, 18 June Term 2 ends for all students
Friday, 19 June Pupil Free Day / Boarder Travel Day

Escape for a moment...

Take a brief escape now…but do consider an extended escape by watching the final 2 episodes of Lego Masters Australia, hosted by comedian Hamish Blake from Sunday, 7.00pm. 


Some staff may be experiencing flash backs from a 2019 Staff Wellbeing Event at Hume Street Campus with special guest Matt Cramb, a past student and Lego Show contestant who took on the role of ‘Brickman’ and crowned the following staff creation as the winner of the golden brick! 

Marketing & Enrolments Update

It’s fair to say that our marketing in the first part of the year has suffered a few blows due to COVID-19. Postponing the Open Day was disappointing, but necessary, and we have put all of our promotional activities on hold.

However, we have been buoyed by the level of interest that we continue to receive for enrolments in 2021 and even, in some cases, for new starters commencing later this year. It has been heartening to see that we are still receiving quality enrolment enquiries on a daily basis and continuing to finalise new enrolments for the College.

Word of mouth is always the most positive form of marketing for any business, but it is particularly important for schools. Choosing the right school for your child is an incredibly emotional choice for families, as well as being a financial choice.

The hard work that our staff have been doing to manage the online learning space so beautifully, the satisfaction of our students and their parents as well as the residual positivity in the community about Concordia is what is helping us to continue to build enrolments in a tough climate.

The word is out! We are doing great things at Concordia and this should be celebrated. Help us to spread the word – be positive in your conversations with others about our school, make recommendations for families to find out more about Concordia and contact us in the Marketing and Enrolments department if you see or hear of an opportunity.

The Marketing and Enrolments team is focusing heavily on developing videos to promote what we are doing at the College. Some of the in-house videos that we are currently working on include:

  • Prep Information Session videos (shifting the event to online format)
  • Virtual Tour videos (videos of each campus for prospective families)
  • Online Learning showcase video

Of course, we also have the video that is being put together by The Film Guys. We have received the first cut of this and it is currently being finalised for release to the College community. Watch this space! 

The LOVE CLC platform continues to receive traffic from across the College with over 200 unique visitors every week, with the average user returning four times per week. We need to constantly update this space with new items so if you have any ideas for how we can enhance the platform, please contact Bianca Coleborn. Many thanks to everyone who is sending through items – it is very much appreciated.

The intention is that this platform will continue to grow and evolve over time. Some things that are on there will be removed to make way for new items, to keep it fresh and inspiring for users.

Teaching staff are also encouraged to explore the site and see what activities you can encourage students to access.

Bianca Coleborn, Director of Marketing & Enrolments


The uptake of Teams in online learning has been a big change but we’ve been happy to see how quickly everyone adapted to this change.

For those interested, here is some Teams Data!

And further statistics on the users above:

CLC’s Teams Activity & Usage Reports:

Also a reminder, in the CLC I.T. Helpdesk Team we have been adding instructions for how to use certain Teams features, as well as other General I.T. Instructions and Screen Recording options.

All of this documentation can be found in the Files tab of the CLC I.T. Helpdesk.

Mitch & Daniel, IT Team

Development Opportunities

ISQ Webinar: Never Waste a Crisis May 20 | 3:00pm-4:00pm  A panel webinar with three educational leaders discussing how to ensure the best of new remote learning practices remain part of a school's ongoing practice, and strategic risks. REGISTER NOW

ISQ Transitioning back to the classroom ISQ has developed a new resource to guide curriculum and assessment discussions and plans as students return to onsite learning. READ MORE

ISQ Supporting Students with Disability Transition Back to School Students with disability may require more focused and intensive planning to support a successful transition back to on-campus learning. READ MORE


ACEReSearch collated advice from educators to educators on the topic of professional development with one comment a standout given the challenges for educators across the world.

“Time spent learning new technology is never wasted”

Feedback through Staff Pulse

Thank you to the many staff who provided anonymous feedback through last week’s Staff Pulse survey. The survey will temporarily be distributed weekly to facilitate more timely feedback and is sent via email on Thursdays by the external provider, TES for Schools.

If you are yet to register, you can do so by clicking on this link. The survey is only 10 questions and it complements existing opportunities and avenues to engage with and provide feedback.

The ratings and feedback you provided for the 3 customised questions last week was really helpful and will inform the leadership team as they continue to lead the College’s response to Covid-19.

The overall ratings for these 3 questions and a sample of the comments are provided below.

Who was I?

Who went to school at Pakuranga College; watched The Beverly Hillbillies as a child; has worked as a “Clean-up spot fire crew” in the  Canadian Rockies, a Dental nurse, a Baker and a Beauty Therapist; travelled to work one day in a helicopter (in the spot fire crew); has also travelled to Fiji, Rarotonga, PNG, Thailand, New Zealand, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, U.S.A, Mexico and Japan; was the first female Foreman at the Ford Capri Plant, Melbourne; is obsessed with Parkrun; and claims skydiving solo as the scariest thing she has done? 

Libby Chapman, Registered Nurse (and acting Girls Boarding Houseparent)

Who am I? 

Born and raised…in Rockhampton

First school was…Esk State School

Finished schooling…in Brisbane

Lived in…Canada for a year

Has competed at…National level in swimming

In the rare spare time currently likes to…spend hours in the garden building things

Is famous for saying…“I’m digging another hole”

Regrets…some of their recent online morning messages to students

And if isn’t at work you can find them…at Bunnings

Sharing Learning

SSC Week 2 Online Learning Bulletin

SSC Week 3 Online Learning Bulletin

Gabe Robbie, HOD-HASS welcomes contributions from all teachers and publishes this consolidated collaboration of hints and tips each Friday. 


Derek Bartels from LEQ recently facilitated a meeting of 30 Learning Leaders across Lutheran Schools to discuss the three big roles education is being called to consider in today’s contemporary Covid world - Responding, Recovering, Reinventing (related report stimulus this week)

 You can access the meeting recording here


Carissa Jaworska shared the details of a free, research-based public lecture by Dr Alison Willis from the University of Sunshine Coast on how teachers can support students to find a healthy balance between academic progression and wellbeing. It is a 15 minute video.

Concordia in the News

A short clip for local Channel 7 news about the return to school of Prep, Yr 11-12 students.

Education in the News

New QCE system update – 8 May 2020

An innovative way for children to educate others – Kids in East Africa are having their hair done to resemble coronavirus to raise awareness, ABC News 

If you like Madonna King from ABC Radio this is her reflection on Home Schooling: Week 1

Health and wellness support 

AccessEAP has a 10 minute webinar on Coping with COVID-19 which is freely available to watch. This webinar focuses on maintaining mental wellbeing, but we do know that mental health and financial health are very closely linked.

Financial security, job security and a steady income are basic needs in order to feel safe and secure. The way we view our financial situation can shape our thoughts and feelings more generally. Research shows that financial concerns are common for Australians and that money management is something that can be learned. 

AccessEAP can support you to manage financial stress during COVID-19. Financial counselling includes managing your money during these changing times, assistance with budgeting and guidance on talking to lenders and managing other financial commitments.

For a confidential conversation with one of AccessEAP’s experienced clinical professionals or experienced financial counsellors, please contact them on 1800 818 728. 

‘Whatever’ Days

It is Nylon Stocking Day…however there is no known origin of this day, so don’t be too enthusiastic and put on some stockings as you may be alone!

Stockings worn before the 1890s were made of woven cloth such as cotton, linen, wool, or silk. Before the 1920s, women’s stockings were worn for warmth.  As hemlines of women’s dresses rose in the 1920s, women began to wear stockings over their exposed legs. These 1920s stockings were sheer, made first of silk or rayon, followed by nylon.

Chemical company DuPont’s introduction of nylon in 1939 began a high demand for stockings as they were inexpensive, durable, and shear.  However, during World War II, DuPont ceased production of nylon stockings and switched their focus to the manufacture of parachutes, airplane cords, and rope.  This created a mass shortage followed by a black market for stockings (sounds like Covid-19 and toilet paper!).

In the 1940s and 1950s, the first pantyhose made its appearance and unlike stockings, pantyhose don’t require a garter belt to hold them up, so stockings have been on the steady decline since. If you happen to have a pair, celebrate them, as they may soon be a relic. 

The Bunya Pine


Internet Safe Education Webinar: Game On – A Parents Guide to Online Gaming

Cyber Safety Expert, Speaker and Author Brett Lee will guide parents through everything they need to know to help manage their children in the online gaming space. This is a small fee, pay for access event.

Heads Up is a key tool to engage with colleagues whilst face to face meetings are restricted. Please contribute by emailing